Red Roses in Basket on Stand


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This wedding ring pillow consists of a crown shaped basket which has been filled with three soft red artificial roses. The crown basket has a heart shaped frame crossing over the frangipani flowers with two hooks, one for each wedding ring. There are eight pearls which circle the frangipani flowers. The stand, which is included in this price, can be used to hold the crown basket for display.

The dimensions for this crown basket are 10.5cms(W) x 9cms(D) x 8cm(H).
The stand is approximately 15cms high.

A photo of your wedding rings in this frangipani crown basket ring pillow will be a great addition to your wedding photo album. This ring pillow has been made to be used as a decorative flower display item which means your wedding memories can be kept fresh by displaying this frangipani flower basket with or without rings for years to come.

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