Cushion in Pearl Crown Basket Ring Pillow


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Pearl Crown Basket.

This wedding ring pillow is a cushion pillow in a crown shaped basket. There is a row of pearls around the base and rows of pearls make up the two heart shapes crossing above the cushion pillow to create the frame of the crown .

Attached to the cushion pillow, there are two bow tied gold laced white ribbons, one for each of the wedding rings. The ribbons have been permanently fixed to hold their position and shape. Rings should be place over the ribbons without undoing the knots. Please view this image of our
small heart basket ring pillow
to see our recommended method.

A photo of your wedding rings in this crown basket ring pillow will be a great addition to your wedding photo album.

Pearl Crown Basket Dimensions W 12cms x D 12cms x H 12cms.

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Weight 250 g