Bridal Tip

A Tip for the Bride
Brides, amongst others, are often too stressed or too busy to fully enjoy the special day but the challenge of preparing for a wedding, the bringing people together and the memories make it all worthwhile. Most Brides like to give focused attention to even the smallest details in order to make their wedding even more successful, more beautiful and more memorable. Choosing a ring pillow is one such detail on the bride’s long list.

The purpose of a ring pillow is to draw attention to the beauty and highlight the symbolism of the wedding rings and enhance their presentation. The common and traditional style ring pillows, which are similar to a cushion you’d find on a sofa, come in a variety of colours, styles and prices. Even though there are many beautiful traditional ring pillow cushions available, they usually don’t create the interest and admiration like one of the uniquely styled ring pillow found at A&C Ring Pillows.

More and more people are selecting a new style wedding ring pillow like those found at A&C Ring Pillows. They are smaller than a traditional cushion and different because they include artificial flowers such as roses and are arranged in a basket. An example is the three white roses in a heart shaped silver wire basket ring pillow or the salmon pink roses in a pearl laced crown basket on a stand.

Besides their cute appearance and uniqueness, another attractive feature of this type of ring pillow is that they can be displayed for years after the wedding day. The flowers don’t die and they have an attractiveness like a flower arrangement display.