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Website Title – A @ C Wedding Ring Pillows
Website URL – RingPillows.com.au
Country – Australia
ABN – 28 244 321 892
Phone – +617 5442 8292
Mobile number is included with written correspondence and with order details.

Bank Details
Bank – Suncorp
Branch – Noosaville
BSB – 484 799
Account Number – 203 102 084

After years of working with artificial flowers and making gift baskets, Alisha made her first ring pillow for her own wedding in 2006. That ring pillow proved to be popular amongst family and friends so she was inspired to make ring pillows for others.

Although, she had made similar items for display gifts, her first item to be used as a wedding ring pillow was the silver heart basket with three white roses. Traditionally, ring pillows were always cushions so at the time there was some hesitancy about whether or not to call it a pillow or not, but we came to the conclusion that if something is used as a ring pillow then it’s called a ring pillow.

Alisha and David moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2007 where they registered the premier domain name RingPillows.com.au and registered the business name Raffinee (Ra-fin-e), a french word meaning refined or elegant.  Over the last 10 or so years, Alisha’s repertoire has remained around 5 to 10 unique ring pillow styles.

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